Data Recovery for All Brands and Formats of Storage Media

Whether you need to recover critical lost business data or irreplaceable personal files, we put our specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology to work for you. Using the services of the world leader in storage and data recovery, Seagate, 1Call now offers best-in-class data recovery services for all brands and all formats of storage media.

  • Our "no files, no charge" policy and proven record of service excellence make us the best choice for your data recovery service needs. All brands and all formats of storage media - hard drives, servers, tape backup, removable media, consumer electronics and more
  • "No files, no charge" policy puts you in charge
  • Protecting the privacy of your data is our commitment
  • Free assessment of your storage media and free quote for data recovery

What can you do when you lose data?

If your drive is making unusual noise, shut it down immediately and do not power up again. Calmly assess the situation. Hasty attempts to fix the problem can often result in further damage and data loss.

Stop writing to any media (including hard drives) that may be involved in data loss. Note that running most software (for example, Internet Explorer) means writing new data to your drive (and possibly overwriting the lost data you are seeking). Eliminate the simplest possible causes, such as loose cables or bad device drivers. Write down all symptoms of failure and all recent actions and events involving your computer. Find your contingency plan and proceed through its steps. Avoid do-it-yourself solutions. Do-it-yourself software may make extensive use of the problem drive, potentially causing complete failure.

Contact us to arrange an assessment of your damaged storage media and a free data recovery quote.


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