Casual Support is for the smaller organisation with less complex information technology needs. Just call us when you need assistance, and one of our professional support staff will provide prompt onsite or offsite fault support, helpdesk or consulting services there's no contract, plan or prior arrangement needed; and you only pay for what you use. Find out more ...

WorkGroup Support is great for small networks with shared computers, printers and Internet resources. You'll receive a monthly onsite check-up to make sure that your computers are healthy, secure, and being backed up; all for a very low monthly fee. You'll also get a service level agreement and access to the other benefits of a 1Call support plan including discounted support charges.

OnDemand Support is for organisations with more complex needs, typically with a networked server environment and shared use of resources such as data, printers, Internet access and email. 1Call will monitor your server and network daily, and let you know when something needs attention. We'll operate under a service level agreement and you'll receive all of the advanced benefits of a 1Call support plan including discounted support charges. Find out more ...

ProActive Support is for the organisation with mission-critical information technology. Your organisation will have servers, networks and infrastructure that are essential for the day-to-day operation of your organisation. 1Call will monitor and manage your network environment so that you don't have to worry about the day to day running of your information systems.  Find out more ...

FullManagement is for organisations that want to focus their resources on their core business, and not on maintaining and running their information technology infrastructure. Find out more ...

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1Call offers several levels of computer & network support to suit any organisation or business. Whether your organisation has a single computer, or multiple servers and workstations, we have a service plan that will meet your needs.

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