1Call’s Covid-19 Alert Level 3 Status

The 1Call team will be continuing to work from home through Covid-19 Alert Level 3, and will be available to provide remote and onsite IT support for all customers during this period. Our offices will remain closed for the duration of alert level 3, however you can contact us as normal by phone, email or web for any support request.

Office: Closed during alert level 3

Phone: 03-5779321 or 0800-939321

Email: use the Contact form on this website or email to support@1call.co.nz

Web: logon to the Client Services Portal

Onsite work during alert level 3 will be carried out in accordance with all government requirements including provision for physical distancing, hygiene, contactless transactions and contact tracing.

As always, we’re here to support your business or organisation with all of your IT needs through this period!

Stay Connected with Teams during Covid-19 Level 3

Microsoft Teams

This video highlights how Teams helps people stay connected—even while social distancing. It briefly and visually covers a variety of Microsoft Teams features, showing you how to communicate and collaborate easily. Watch this short video to see how you can empower your team to continue working together, and to maintain communication with customers and suppliers.

Teams empowers your remote-working team by enabling them to:

  • Stay in touch with each other through chat, calling and status updates,
  • Share & collaborate on work through virtual meetings with video and screen share,
  • Connect face to face with customers without needing to travel or leave home,
  • Easily post up-to-date information front & centre for team consumption,
  • Access and share information resources from other Office products easily.

And all securely achieved with the Teams license included in most Microsoft 365 subscriptions!

Support during Covid-19 Level 4 Lockdown

Unite against COVID-19

The 1Call team will be continuing to work from home through the Covid-19 Level 4 lock-down period, and will be available to provide help desk and remote support for all customers during this period, including those providing essential services and those with staff working from home.

Our contact details for requesting support remain the same as normal; you can call us on 03-5779321 or 0800-939321, or use the Contact form on this website.

We’re here to support you and your staff through this period as best as we can. Stay safe and stay home if you can!