Casual Support is for the smaller organisation with less complex information technology needs. You may have a single computer or small network which is used for email and Internet access, word-processing, desktop publishing and accounts.

Call us when you need assistance, and one of our professional support staff will provide prompt onsite or offsite fault support, helpdesk or consulting services you only pay for what you use. No prior arrangement or service agreement is required for Casual Support.

All of our support staff are A+ or Microsoft certified technicians, and because we specialise in business computer support we have a good understanding of the needs and pressures of running a small business. We're sure that once you use 1Call you won't need to go anywhere else for computer support!

As your organisation grows we can grow with you - our Essential and ProActive Support plans are ideal as your information technology needs become more complex.

Contact us on 0800-939321 or use our contact form to find out more about Casual Support. You can also request a service call by clicking here.



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